Your Website says a lot!

For established businesses, online presence will attract new customers to your services and make your website easily discoverable for your existing customers. For start-ups, you want to be seen wherever your target audience is looking for you. More people see your company name, better are your chances of climbing up the ladder


With more than sixteen years web development experience, we here at Online Innovations are experts in developing websites that provide excelent user experiance and are easy to manage. Our Content Management System (CMS) is easy to use, however, you can also choose for us to manage your website for you. Take a look at all we have to offer you when it comes to development.

Our services

Website Development


Our web development team looks beyond the visual effect of the website and takes other factors into consideration such as the
user-friendliness of the website, ease of maintenance and adhering
to the best practices and website development standards. We also take into account the search engine friendliness and optimisation of the website – and of course, we make sure that the website services and meets its main objectives. Our aim is to assist and advise businesses on how to take advantage of
the web technologies that help them work smarter, not harder. Online
Innovations tailor e-Business solutions to perfectly fit their brand
and their clients – making it possible for them to do e-Business on
the internet with confidence that their online goals will be met.

Content Management System (CMS)


For over a decade, our focus has been on the development and refining
of a reusable software framework that is easy to use, reliable and
easily updated. In the world of web development, this is referred
to as a Content Management System, or CMS, and it complements a
website by providing webmasters and website owners with the tools
to manage their website’s content themselves. The CMS makes it easy
for the webmaster to manage the website’s navigation, SEO, content
and other assets such as images and videos.

E-Business and Systems Integration

E business

E-Business allows companies to link their internal and external processes
effectively and efficiently. They also work closely with suppliers,
customers and partners to better satisfy their needs and expectations –
leading to improvements in overall business performance.

E-Business integrates business processes like sales, CRM, cataloguing,
support, production, purchasing and accounting seamlessly from the
existing Business Management Systems to the web. By embracing e-Business,
your company can cut costs, increase sales, generate more leads and
improve service.

Website maintenance

Our website maintenance programs ensure that your site is always current and your project stays within budget. Our standard program includes, content updates, update images, and support via telephone and e-mail. We include all of the services you require in order to ensure both the short and long-term success of your online marketing. It also includes revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date.

Technologies we use

  • Adobe Animate CC Services
  • AngularJS Development Services
  • Cold Fusion Development Services
  • JavaScript Development Services
  • Nodejs Development Services
  • ReactJS Development Services
  • Java Development Services
  • PHP Development Services
  • Python Development Services
  • Ruby On Rails Development Services

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